is defined by:
surprisingly old - not surprisingly young,
petite - not giant,
small natural tits - not large fake,
intact skin - not tattoo or piercing,
bald pussy - not hairy,
healthy - not unhealthy,
vaginal - not anal,
FFM - not MMF,
reverse gangbang - not gangbang,
public nudity - not naturism or NN,
female ontop - not male,
Euro/Indian - not Afro/Asian,
flexible - not stiff,
female movements - not male,
slow - not fast,
quiet - not loud,
skilled photographer - not amateur,
close-ups - not long shots,
vanilla - not BDSM,
friendly - not hostile,
bright colors - not dark or B/W,
clean - no mess,
skirt/socks - not latex/leather,
pig/ponytails - not crewcut,
facts - not opinions,
quality - not quantity,
and fucking one of the models in my archive on a regular basis since her age of consent
Kristine Kahill

Kristine Kahill

41 notes - 18 April, 2013

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